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05 September 2006 @ 11:57 pm
The FAQs  
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is New Dawn?
    New Dawn is a pan-fandom post-apocalyptic RPG. What this means is that it is an RPG that takes place after a disaster that has wiped out and changed the earth as it was known. Pan-fandom is simply a fancy way of saying that the game is open to a multitude of characters from any fandom (books, television, movies).

  2. Are there any limits on what types of characters are allowed?
    The answer to this question is both yes and no.

    It is easier to tell you what sorts of characters will not be allowed: Hardcore villains/"bad guys" are not allowed. (For example, while Lex Luthor might be permitted, completely contemptuous, immoral, and irredeemable characters are not. No Cylons, no demons, no warlocks, etc. Let me put it more simply: If you have to ask if your villain is allowed, he/she/it likely isn't.)

    Also no gods or god-like characters. No, no, and no.

  3. Are there any limits on what mediums characters can come from (ie, books, movie, television, video games)?
    Not particularly. Characters from books and television are going to be accepted far more easily and readily than characters from movies and video games (unless the movies had sequels or were based upon books) simply because book characters and television characters have far more depth and character development and therefore are viewed as being more easily played and portrayed.

    Video game characters will likely be the most difficult to get accepted in the game for the reasons of character development stated above.

  4. Are Original Characters (OCs) allowed?
    Yes, as long as you can present a well written and developed history and character development for the character. The character must have flaws, and be truly three dimensional in all respects. (In other words, do not apply with a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character, please.)

  5. Why is there an age restriction?
    Though we are sure that there are many talented, mature players under 18 years of age, there are several reasons for the age restriction. First of all, this is a mature, adult game that will often be dealing with mature, adult situations. Also, those 18 or older are less likely to have computer and internet time restricted by parents or guardians.

    The other reason is simply the reason of maturity. While some teenagers are mature and handle themselves well in gaming situations, we know that this is the exception and not the rule. (Yes, it can be argued that the same can be said for some seemingly mature adults, but we're not here to debate the restriction, simply to explain it.)

  6. I'm looking for something that isn't time consuming. How often would I need to post to be an active participant?
    New Dawn is a very low-demand RP. The only requirement to be considered active is to post once a few times a week.

    Yes, you can post more frequently than that, but it isn't required or expected.

  7. Is slash allowed?
    If this is your main or only question, that I have to admit, I'm already wary of your reasons for wanting to join the game, but I'll answer the question honestly.

    This is a role-playing game with emphasis on character development and interaction. I'm not opposed to pairings, be they het or slash, however I am opposed to and will not allow sex/slash for sex/slash's sake. If it is conducive to the character's development, or plot development then that's permissible, but introducing a character solely for the reason of slashing them is not acceptable.

    Also, your character will be interacting with other characters. It is not written that these other characters will be gay/lesbian/bi. You may not introduce an NPC solely for the sake of slashing your character, nor may you force another player to have the same sexual orientation as yours.

    So the simple answer is yes, but it will depend on the make up of the other characters in the game as to whether or not it happens.

  8. I have a question that wasn't answered here.
    Please send email to the mod at newdawnmod@gmail.com. I'll have an answer for you in minutes. (Okay, that's not true, but I will answer any questions you may have.)