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06 September 2006 @ 12:18 am
How to Play/How to Post  
How to Play

  1. Every new location/change of scene will take place as a new post

  2. Every new reply/comment will use the following format for the subject line:

    [Character(s) Name(s)] Whatever you want your fancy title to be

  3. Every new post will use the following as a header:

    Who: The character(s) originally beginning or involved in the post
    Where: Location (ie, Jim's Kitchen)
    When: Date, Time of Day (ie, July 7, late evening)
    Invited: Tagged characters, or characters the post is directed specifically at. If it's truly open to all, then use 'Everyone in Location' or 'Open'
    Status: Complete or Incomplete

  4. When leaving one scene/thread to join another one, posts will be concluded with 'CHARACTER EXITS' (where CHARACTER is your character's name) (Yes, this is a stage direction and should be in ALL CAPS)

  5. Likewise, when joining a thread that your character was not originally a part of, begin your initial post with 'CHARACTER ENTERS' (Yes, also a stage direction and should be in ALL CAPS)