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09 April 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Our wants are few and simple right now:

  • Heterosexual female characters
  • Heterosexual male characters
  • Canon characters (meaning characters that act in ways clearly based on what has been presented to us in tv/book/movie canon)
  • Original characters
26 September 2006 @ 07:26 am
One thing that I, and those players in the other RP I run, have gotten into the habit of doing is indicating which character is speaking/acting by putting the following in the subject line of their response/comment:

[Character Name]

When there are only one or two characters in a thread, it's easy to tell them apart, but when you begin to get multiple interactions, it gets a bit hard. It takes a while to get used to, but it will make things much easier to follow in the long run.

If that's not clear, here's an example. Notice how each character's POV/post has a definitive subject involving their name. (I don't care about the pretty titles, just the names.)

And another example.

(This is actually in the How to Post/Play Reference on newdawn_admin)

14 September 2006 @ 07:52 pm
Haven is a small town in southern Illinois. It's a little island of suburbia carved out of the middle of farm land, and seems to have been relatively untouched by The Deluge or Fate's Handmaiden. In truth, the only evidence of the former is a few houses that have taken on a new shape, or have trees growing out of odd places in them or have a bit of charring around the edges. The silence of the town, the sad houses staring out onto empty streets and the fresh graves at the cemetery give a shadowy hint of Fate's Handmaiden.

Haven is an old town, built around a rotary, or town square. City Hall, the Deputy's Office, the Clock Tower, the Old Haven School House, the Gazebo, and an old log cabin, all historical landmarks, make up the center of town with "downtown" encircling that. The downtown area of Haven is filled with silent, closed Mom & Pop shops, but also boasts a Subway, a drugstore, a hardware store, and an old fashioned, restored movie theatre.

To the southeast of town is the hospital and the farms spread out northeasterly and northwesterly. The southern edge of New Haven proper is marked by Haven Manor House, a gigantic sprawling Victorian Queen Anne home that has been preserved and restored in all its former glory.

The homes of Haven range from classic Victorians to Queen Anne to farm houses.

The western end of town is the proud home of a Kroger's grocery store, which was never well received by Haven's residents but certainly profited from them in spite of that.
08 September 2006 @ 10:07 pm
Timeline of the End of the World

13 April 2006, 1100 GMT: The Deluge washes across the world.

15 April 2006: First cases of Fate's Handmaiden appear but are misdiagnosed as various upper respiratory infections.

22 April 2006: Mildred A. Levinworth, 45, mother of three, homemaker of Fairfax, VA, USA becomes Patient 0, and the first to die on record of Fate's Handmaiden which is recognized as a form of plague. Pharmacies and the CDC scramble to distribute antibiotics.

29 April 2006: Fate's Handmaiden is a pandemic, spreading like wildfire. The borders of the US are closed.

30 April 2006: The President of the United States initiates martial law throughout the country, "only until such time as the treatment of this disease has been properly distributed and the cure has been managed."

2 May 2006: A news broadcast leaks out that reveals that the treatment for Fate's Handmaiden is not working and that the mortality rate for the disease is 100%.
08 September 2006 @ 09:22 pm
Fate's Handmaiden

Within two days of the wake of the Deluge, the first signs and symptoms of Fate's Handmaiden began to appear. Those who visited doctors, hospitals and emergency clinics (where they could be found functioning and able to treat minor cases) were diagnosed as having colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and in very rare cases, tuberculosis. Soon though, it became clear that the wave that was spreading across the country was no communicable respiratory illness.

The symptoms worsen.Collapse )
06 September 2006 @ 12:18 am
How to Play

  1. Every new location/change of scene will take place as a new post

  2. Every new reply/comment will use the following format for the subject line:

    [Character(s) Name(s)] Whatever you want your fancy title to be

  3. Every new post will use the following as a header:

    Who: The character(s) originally beginning or involved in the post
    Where: Location (ie, Jim's Kitchen)
    When: Date, Time of Day (ie, July 7, late evening)
    Invited: Tagged characters, or characters the post is directed specifically at. If it's truly open to all, then use 'Everyone in Location' or 'Open'
    Status: Complete or Incomplete

  4. When leaving one scene/thread to join another one, posts will be concluded with 'CHARACTER EXITS' (where CHARACTER is your character's name) (Yes, this is a stage direction and should be in ALL CAPS)

  5. Likewise, when joining a thread that your character was not originally a part of, begin your initial post with 'CHARACTER ENTERS' (Yes, also a stage direction and should be in ALL CAPS)
06 September 2006 @ 12:14 am
Character List
(Characters Listed Alphabetically by First Name)
Updated April 7, 2007

List of CharactersCollapse )
06 September 2006 @ 12:08 am

Before applying, please read the rules. Then email the following information to newdawnmod@gmail.com. (DO NOT reply to this post.)

Player Info
LJ Name:
Email address:
AIM handle/Yahoo!/MSN/Google Talk
(list all or as many as applicable):
Time Zone (if outside of the US, list country):
Age Statement (you must write a statement that you are over 18, including your age): Example: I am 35 years old, my year of birth is 1971.
How you found us:
Past RP Experience:

Character Info
Character Name:
Character Medium
(television, book, movie, anime):
Character Fandom:
Brief Biography:
(This should be at least two paragraphs long. Please take this opportunity to assume that the moderator has never heard of your fandom or your character and needs to be given a thorough description)
Character History: (How your character coped with the change(s) after the wave, what your character did during the plague and current goals and motivations. This should take up a minimum of two paragraphs)
Writing Sample: (Self-explanatory, you may submit a sample or link to writing samples in other journals or RPs)
06 September 2006 @ 12:03 am
The Rules
Updated December 1, 2006

  1. Please do not request to join newdawn_rpg or newdawn_admin if you have not submitted an application. Your request will not be approved until you have submitted an application and that application has been approved.

  2. If you are a member of newdawn_rpg, you must also be a member of the Out-of-Character community, newdawn_ooc and the administrative community newdawn_admin.

  3. Use proper spelling and grammar in all posts. This is not negotiable. Do not use 'net speak, do not use l33t speak and do not post something laden with spelling and grammatical errors. That is sloppy and it also shows a lack of caring about your work and the time and consideration of the other players. Take the extra time to proof-read and spell check.

    The first time your post does not follow this rule, you will be warned and asked to correct it. If you have to be asked three times the post will be deleted. After that, any improperly formatted, spelled, grammatically incorrect, etc. posts by your account(s)/character(s) are open for automatic deletion by the moderators.

  4. Separate character journals are not required and creating them is a per person choice.

  5. Posts will be done in prose form, third person.

  6. All characters are expected to participate actively in the game. This means that you must update at least three times per week. (That is three times per player, not three times per character.) An update means that you will respond to a thread in the main community or you will start a thread in the main community. If you will be inactive or unable to post for an extended period of time, you must make a note of such in the OOC community or in an email to me (newdawnmod@gmail.com)

    If your character is inactive and you do not make a note of it in one of the methods described above, you will receive a warning. There is a three strikes and you're out rule in this game; three warnings in a row and your character will be dismissed from the game, put up for adoption, or possibly killed off.

    (Three posts per week is the minimum required. You are always free and welcome to post more frequently than that.)

  7. You may have as many characters as you can handle.

    However, there is a waiting period between applications for additional characters. Initially, you will be allowed two characters. After a month, in which that character has shown activity, you are allowed to apply for another character. Each future application must be at least one month apart.

    Additionally, don't apply for more characters than you can handle. You don't want to hold up other players or interfere with game play because your ten characters can't keep abreast of things.

  8. There is a maximum of three characters per fandom (for fandom characters). This is not negotiable. If a fandom has three characters from it represented in the RP, then no other characters from that RP may join the game.

    Also, if a fandom has two characters in it already, you may not apply for a third character in that fandom unless you have applied with an original character or a character from an under-represented or non-represented fandom first.

    Once you have played the original/under-represented/non-represented fandom character for a month, (per the rules for applying for an additional character), you may apply for the third fandom character.

  9. To prove to me that you've read these rules, all new applications must have the words "This is how the world ends" in the subject line. Ignore rule #19. Yes, it's a trick and it will let me know who's really paying attention.

    Generally speaking, yes applications without this will be looked over, but will go to the bottom of the pile to await approval. It could be days or weeks, depending on my mood and the number of applications.

  10. NEVER EVER do something to another player's character without their express permission. This, my friends, is called god-moding and it is rude and will not be tolerated. While it is permissible to have a conversation about the weather, it is not permissible to have a bar-room brawl or a sexual liaison.

  11. Speaking of sexual liaisons, characters are allowed to have sexual relationships. The key word here is relationships. While it is understandable that in a post-apocalyptic world, characters will often fall prey to one-night stands or making a physical connection with another person, excessive gratuitous smut/PWP (porn without plot) will not be allowed.

    If it seems that your sole role-playing is revolving around sex for sex's sake, then the player will be warned ONCE and only ONCE before being removed from the game.

  12. No applications from anyone under the age of 18 will be accepted. No negotiations, no discussion. (And yes, an age statement is required when you apply for the game.)

  13. Please try to confine all out-of-character conversation to newdawn_ooc. This means questions, answers, what-if's, plot ideas, etc. The only things to be posted here in the RP community are actually RP posts.

  14. Character and fandom claims are on a first come, first server basis. Please see the Character List for the list of characters currently in play.

    There are no problems with two players sharing a character as long as I am informed via email.

  15. Long posts (more than about 100 words) must be behind an lj-cut.

  16. Likewise, any post rated R or NC-17 must also be placed behind an lj-cut.

  17. For information on How to Play/How to Post please visit How to Post.

  18. After your character has been accepted into the RP, please post a biography in newdawn_ooc.

  19. To prove to me that you've read these rules, all new applications must have the words "End world" in the subject line.

  20. A Last Word: The purpose of this game is to have fun. You control your characters and their reactions and interactions. If your character is miserable, or depressed, it's because you are playing them that way. There's in character, and there's having fun. Sometimes you have to know when to cross that line.

    The best advice for the enjoyment of this game is: interact, interact, interact. Interact with the other characters as much as possible, and you will be surprised at what develops. The game is extremely free-form with little-to-no guidance from the moderator. You must be willing to take iniatiative and be proactive in order to be involved and enjoy the game.

While these rules may seem like a lot, all things considered they are really just guidelines, common-sense and courtesy.
06 September 2006 @ 12:02 am
Background & Setting

After the fall out from the wave (also known as The Cataclysm or the Deluge) and Fate's Handmaiden, people are left in scattered pockets, some singularly and some in small groups, scattered across the globe. In addition to the wave displacing people and creatures and beings from other universes and other points in time and space, people were also transported on earth. Some people were moved across town in the blinking of an eye and some were transported around the world.

The Cataclysm came on April 13, 2006. By May 20, 2006 the only people left alive are those who possessed a natural immunity to Fate's Handmaiden.

The Deluge and its fallout, combined with Fate's Handmaiden and the complete breakdown of society leaves the world's surviving population as 1 per 100,000.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Haven, Illinois. For reasons unknown, the town attracts many people . . . and things. For now, the town has electricity provided by a hydroelectric plant, but how long that will last is unknown.

This is the world of newdawn_rpg.

The future starts here.